Body Composition

It's time to move on from using bathroom scales - They only provide scale weight. The human body is much more than that. We are made of muscle, water, minerals and fat, constantly changing throughout the day. Don't let these natural fluctuations destroy your motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. Don't believe that you haven't made progress just because your weight is the same.


If you're trying to lose 'weight', how can you tell if you what you are losing is body fat or healthy muscle? Bathroom scales or using old methods such as skin fold tests can't give you this information....we can.

Isn't it time to take the guesswork out of your health and fitness?

The Inbody 570 Body Composition Analyser is a non intrusive, reliable and extremely accurate way of tracking

Skeletal muscle mass
Body fat as a total and percentage
Visceral fat (fat around your organs)
Basal Metobolic Rate (BMR)
Bone mineral content
Total body water
Comparitive size of each limb
Blood pressure
Fat control targets
Muscle control targets
Plus much more...

$45 Per Scan