Sports Nutrition Program

Sports nutrition is a complex area of nutrition. Inaccurate advice and unnecessary practices can be detrimental to performance or in some cases lead to serious health problems. However eating the right foods and having optimal hydration can allow you to train harder, recover quicker and significantly improve your performance. Our Sports Nutrition Program has been developed by Nutritionists who are highly skilled in converting the latest in sports science into meaningful nutrition interventions to get you performing at your peak. So whether you are a fitness enthusiast training for your next fun run, a recreational athlete or an elite sportsperson our team will use their extensive knowledge and experience to help you reach your potential and ideal Body Composition.



  • Food and Training Diary Assessment
  • Initial Consultation including Body Composition Analysis
  • Monthly Review Consultations with detailed report 
  • Monthly Body Composition Assessments
  • Nutrition plan overlaid with your training plan 
  • Pre-event and competition nutrition and hydration plan
  • Post-training/competition plans to maximise recovery
  • Unlimited email and phone support

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