Weight Loss Program

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight requires a practical, ‘real food’ approach to eating.

A consultation with a Certified Nutritionist and Wellness Coach can ‘kickstart’ your weight loss efforts but most importantly, we provide the guidance, education and support required to ensure a sustainable approach to healthy eating and weight management.

Many people attempt weight loss on their own. We know that the best outcomes are achieved when there is accountability and support along the way.

Our  Weight Loss Program has been designed to provide you with a safe and realistic approach to improved dietary practices under the expert guidance of our Certified Nutritionist. You will receive so much more than just a diet plan.


  • Initial Consultation and Body Composition Analysis 
  • Individual diet guide based on scan results and goals via Inbody App
  • Monthly Review Consultations Including Body Composition Analysis 
  • 2 x Daily workouts via our Training App (to train at your home or gym) 
  • Unlimited Email & Phone Support

$9.95 per week charged monthly (12 month minimum term)